Studio June Games is an indie developer and publisher led by LGBTQIA+ creatives from diverse backgrounds with studios in New York City. Studio June consists of artists, writers, musicians, and programmers - all dedicated making thoughtful speculative narrative content for a changing world.


Our Projects include games we've developed, as well as those we've published.


Founded in 2020 by a group of creators who met through the Homestuck fandom, Studio June was named for June Egbert - a transfem version of the comic's main character who has come to symbolize the freedom of fans to define their own experience as creators in their own right.Studio June has always been intended to be a loose collective of artists - working on projects of varying sizes and scopes but unified under a single name that symbolizes that creative freedom.


Studio June was founded by a group of LGBTQIA+ creators, and we continue to provide a platform for marginalized creators of all sorts!Our studio is queer and trans led, and our games explore nuanced, complex LGBTQIA+ characters and themes.


Speculative content is all about creative expression and being able to say something meaningful! While we make works of fiction, we always try to ground them in a core of something relatable and real!Our work is always independent and never beholden to any corporate interests! Our artists are free to make what they want to see in the world!


At our heart, we care about a sense of community around our games. We're a tiny studio made up of individual creators, and our fanbase is super important to us! We don't want people to feel unwelcome, whether it's playing our games or hanging out on our Discord server!